Impressions: Find A Mentor, Provide Value And Good things Will Come To You - Tony Doe

Published: Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mr. Anthony Onwuchekwa, a.k.a Tony Doe gives us a peep into his broadcasting career, the challenges facing the Nigerian media and his latest project, "LOKAL FM".
In a recent chat with Wisdom Okorie, the experienced broadcaster revealed how his sojourn into the media world began and spoke passionately about his internet radio station.

I'm Tony Onwuchekwa and my media moniker is Tony Doe. My media journey began in 2001 at LTV (Lagos Television) / LWT (Lagos Weekend Television) where I interned as a TV production assistant. I picked up my basic radio skills from Eko 89.7 around 2004, also as an intern. I’ve worked with radio continental 102.3FM as a producer/presenter and City 105.1FM as production manager.”

On his views about the quality of today’s OAPs, he said,

“Fortunately there are lots of professionals available ensuring that the new voices get guided accordingly. It's a thriving industry but one that needs to be approached with caution and willingness to evolve frequently adapting to the times.”

He also decried the practice of OAPs on music radio stations turning their talk shows into long boring monologues with no real connection with the listener.

"Personality driven radio is a global trend and a key factor in setting up a commercial radio station. Beyond playing awesome music, personalities foster bonds with the listener and become stars in their own right once they've earned the listener's trust. To attain this, there has to be a "personality" in the first place. Many of today's young upstarts don't have that and so come across as verbose and shallow. They love to talk a lot yet, really saying nothing".

Tony spoke about his internet radio station too.

“Lokal FM is my internet radio project. It's a culmination of my years of experience in radio with a preference for the informal yet nationally accepted lingua, pidgin. It's still in development with a vision of being a trusted source of informed opinion and great naija music for local and global consumption albeit in pidgin. Lokal FM borrows from the terrestrial Contemporary Hit Radio [CHR] format and is scheduled in day parts featuring the big Naija hits from Yesterday and today and bite size infotainment."

The discontented media czar lent his voice to the challenges facing the Nigerian media.

"A major challenge in Nigerian electronic media is the lack of a body or union to protect its members from obnoxious company policies and practices. Also, some credible institutions once revered for churning out professional broadcasters are so commercialized that authentic certificates are being issued to those who can pay for it rather than those who deserve it. I've advocated for a body or union to be established to protect my colleagues and I. Some of us with a genuine passion for the profession have also begun running hands-on boot camps and master classes to develop new talents with a proper attitude to the profession.”

Does Tony have any fears?

"Yes!  Not dying fulfilled. I want to be able to look back and say I'm glad I did the things I did, smile one last time, then take my final breath.”

On any milestone achievements, he had this to say:

“I haven't achieved anything great yet. But I'm on my way to having eternal peace of mind. Five years from now I still want to be here, healthy in a happy marriage, nurturing my kids and offering value to media related causes. And to relax, I watch TV series, football matches, play with my kids and listen to urban music.

As he prepared to sign off, he gave some final words for budding media personalities.

"Find a mentor. Be open to a constant learning process. Provide value and Good things will come to you "


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