Lokal FM | A Review...

 Maureen Onyeziri

"I downloaded the LokalFm app recently and decided to listen nonstop for a week, to see if all it’s hyped up to be is true. As a Nigerian in the diaspora, I sometimes lose track of the latest Nigerian music releases. In the week that I listened to LokalFm, I definitely got caught up! Even though my one-week experiment is long over (and yes, the hype is true), I will continue to listen to LokalFm. It is my one-stop radio station to satisfy all my Naija music cravings. 
This is definitely one platform advertisers need to jump on. LokalFm has the potential to be a highly successful enterprise with listenership spanning Africans all over the world. I have no doubt that Tony Doe Onwuchekwa still has a lot of ideas on how to take his online radio platform to the next level up his sleeves. If he keeps up his current level of hard work and dedication to the craft, he will achieve his dreams and much more."

Microbiology Ph.D. Student, Indiana University Bloomington. 


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